The importance of High Performance Summer Tires when Driving In a Spirited

When it comes to serious high-performance tires, you’ll hear a variety of drivers talking about the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11. It is mainly due to the innovations and value that Bridgestone has brought into this unique tire. Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 is the rebirth of the really sticky traditional RE-01R. The effective dry and wet quality mainly comes from the new 3-D layout of the Bridgestone product line as its Stealth future tech family.

Originally invented on its Formula 1 rain tires, Stealth is the next development in the design of the tire tread that takes 3-D components through the tread blocks and grooving. If you live in a location where there is a lot of rain, and you want a better experience, this is the tire for you. Remember that this is a good summer tire, particularly designed to be driven in dry and wet conditions. Moreover, the Potenza RE-11 has no traction on snow or ice.

The RE-11 smoothly combines all treads and grooves, utilizing tapered block edges and streamlined profiles. This provides more tread power and less writhe so that more transverse grooves could be added for increased water evacuation without experiencing loss in dry friction. Bridgestone has also shifted away from the symmetrical, rotation-specific architecture of the old RE-01R to the current non-symmetrical nature of the RE-11.

This change helped Bridgestone technicians to even further improve their wet and dry output by implementing a standardized tread pattern on the interior tire shoulder for wet grip and the outer shoulder for dry traction with wider, more consistent tread blocks. The asymmetric nature has enabled Bridgestone engineers to build various sidewall profiles and tensile strengths for both the interior and the exterior. The exterior sidewall, which usually carries a brunt of lateral pressures, is molded and strengthened to further prevent the sidewall from collapsing and rolling over. On the other hand, the inside sidewall is hauled sideways and extended. And because the tread face is connected to the side surfaces, all this curvature induces uneven pressure points in the contact patch to minimize traction.

Through refining each sidewall, the Bridgestone engineers are able to sustain a much more constant pressure around the whole contact area roughly comparable to that of the RE-01R. All in all, the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 summer tire is a pretty decent tire that performs best under all conditions. This tire sticks well on the surface, turn adeptly, and accelerate smoothly. The Potenza RE-11 also performs best under wet conditions.