When it comes to road safety, the best tips are the obvious ones: Don’t drink or do drugs and drive, don’t drive when you’re tired, don’t use a cell phone or text while driving, don’t drive tired, and always buckle up. In fact, wear your seat belt whether you are a driver or passenger

Other guidelines to improve road safety:

  • Take care as a pedestrian when crossing the street
  • Wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, motorcycle or scooter, or using roller blades
  • Be patient with others who are also using the roads
  • Ensure your child car seat or booster seat is adjusted for their height and weight
  • Slow down when it’s wet or slippery and drive to suit the conditions and speed limits
  • Obey traffic signs (i.e. construction zones, etc.)
  • Do not speed
  • Do not run red lights
  • Do not tailgate other drivers